Alexander Technique

Alleviate back & neck pain

 improve your posture and performance

 LEARN to Become mindful of your everyday movements, thoughts & reactions. this will help you to be more relaxed & so reduce your stress levels

 Has a chiropractor realigned your back? Help support their work by learning how to look after your back inbetween appointments.

read the research published in the BMJ showing the BENEFITS of the alexander technique on back pain


what is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to be aware of your body, thinking & habitual reactions in your everyday activities. This helps you to be more focused on the task in hand so keeping you in the present moment.

It will help you realise that aches & pains, poor balance, coordination & posture are often less to do with getting older and more to do with the fact that you may have been practising patterns of movement from a young age that have adversely altered your posture..... probably from first going to school & sitting at a desk!

The key to this technique is that you learn how to use your body effectively, and to understand that the postures you adopt while going about your life are often harmful as they can cause unnecessary tension and misalignment. Over time, these misalignments can cause skeleton-muscular pain and injury. Through learning Alexander Technique, you learn new ways to take responsibility for your body. As a result you begin to restore balance, flexibility  and lightness & ease of movement. This will help release tension and reduce strain on your back & joints.


What conditions can the Alexander Technique Help?

The Alexander Technique helps millions of people across the world to naturally overcome:

  • back, neck & joint pain 
  • muscle tension & stiffness
  • poor posture & headaches
  • breathing & vocal problems
  • anxiety & stress related conditions

People use the Technique to:

  • become more mobile & free of pain
  • become more mindful of their everyday actions & thoughts
  • improve performance & prevent injury in music, drama, sport or everyday activity such as computer work & gardening
  • enhance business & presentation skills
  • develop ease & elegance in movement
  • support pregnancy & childbirth  
  • change conditions that stop them enjoying a happy, healthy life
  •           simply enhance their quality of life

You will learn to release tension & rediscover balance of mind & body. With increased awareness you can be poised without stiffness, move gracefully with less effort, be focussed & alert with less strain, breathe & speak more easily and be calm & confident.